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I don't know how Gravity and Myung-Jin Lee feel about my showing appreciation and admiration for Ragnarok and Ragnarok Online by making this webcomic, but I do know that I'm among the authors who are flattered when readers take the time to show their appreciation through artwork or other stuff!

On top of that, I'd like to let the fans who take that time know that I appreciate their appreciation thereby creating a singularity of appreciation.
Or would that be depreciation, 'cause it'd be a vortex or black hole or ... ANYWAY! This page is host to the fan-made stuff submitted to me (or posted in the community) which wouldn't qualify as a guest comic.
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Artwork with the Tag "ippy_author ;_;"

Aragan the Acolyte

By Ippy
May 04, 2004

It ... It looks like someone tried to make a poring version of me ...

Nth Power

By Ippy
June 21, 2004

Ippy drew this to thank Nth Power for his help in something.
I'm not sure what. D:

Ragnarok Wisdom Bishounen

By Ippy
June 21, 2004

The RW cast, forty years old!!

Sniff the Raven

By Ippy
July 18, 2004

Lookin' pretty Bruce Campbell there, Sniff.


By Ippy
January 15, 2005

Ippy said,
"I'm gonna be having nightmares."
Thanks, I guess? ;_;

Utsuho x Victor OTP?

By Ippy
June 14, 2009

Well, they ARE both birds ...

Yukari Traumatizes Everyone

By Ippy
June 14, 2009

A fanart crossover with Touhou! Aragan and Mokou have good reason to be traumatized.

A Weird Stalker ...

By Ippy
July 05, 2009

Another Touhou crossover. What happens when Aragan gets lost in Gensokyo?

Utsuho and Aragan

By Ippy
October 19, 2009

A birthday gift art of Utsuho Reiuji (from Touhou) and Aragan.
This won't end well. D:

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