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I don't know how Gravity and Myung-Jin Lee feel about my showing appreciation and admiration for Ragnarok and Ragnarok Online by making this webcomic, but I do know that I'm among the authors who are flattered when readers take the time to show their appreciation through artwork or other stuff!

On top of that, I'd like to let the fans who take that time know that I appreciate their appreciation thereby creating a singularity of appreciation.
Or would that be depreciation, 'cause it'd be a vortex or black hole or ... ANYWAY! This page is host to the fan-made stuff submitted to me (or posted in the community) which wouldn't qualify as a guest comic.
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People have sent me fan-made stuff based on Ragnarok Wisdom!
I appreciate that muchly—it's great to hear from the fans.
Here I'll share with you what's been submitted to me. :D

Props to Jaabi Taylor for whipping up a PHP-based gallery system compatible with the new ComicCMS-based layout of the site. I'd never be able to keep up with the task of adding fan works by hand!

If you've got fan art and you want to share it with everyone, feel free to submit it! Be sure to include the preferred title for your artwork and what name/alias you want to be known by here on the gallery.

View Fanart by Character
Note: This gallery works by tags, so a picture can appear in multiple galleries. If anyone's made a significant appearance in a piece of fan art, that fan art will show up in their gallery, even if the fan art is mostly about another character.

Aragan Tristan Aileron Sniff the Raven
Lunaris Nth Power Tristar Aileron
Mark Van Exel Gut Funk Novvy the Novice
Kawaii-chan Zelse Lenz
Saint Damien Talien Corigan
Polarias Rudolph Ravioli Suzuran Majere
Victoreet Minor RW Characters

View Special Types of Fanart
This is for singling out the stuff that isn't just a picture!

Forum / Blog Icons

View Fanart by Artist
The artists here are listed (roughly) in chronological order as far as when they submitted their fan art is concerned.

Lacrosse Gut Funk Warse no Miko
Cydney Ju-Ju Scarlet Winterhawk
Ippy (Eventuality) Ali (Hindsight) Beezinturmoil
Orochi Herman Kari Bear Jougakura
Morphin Sal KC Dusky
Wookie Marisa Sir Hawkeye
Diddgery Fahrenheight Silent Clear Lite


Ragnarok Wisdom is © 2002 Irish Lightning Studios.
This notice does not imply any exclusive right to preexisting material by other authors featured in Ragnarok Wisdom.

Ragnarok Online is © 2001 Gravity Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Ragnarok: Into the Abyss is © 1995 Myung-Jin Lee. All Rights Reserved.

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