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I don't know how Gravity and Myung-Jin Lee feel about my showing appreciation and admiration for Ragnarok and Ragnarok Online by making this webcomic, but I do know that I'm among the authors who are flattered when readers take the time to show their appreciation through artwork or other stuff!

On top of that, I'd like to let the fans who take that time know that I appreciate their appreciation thereby creating a singularity of appreciation.
Or would that be depreciation, 'cause it'd be a vortex or black hole or ... ANYWAY! This page is host to the fan-made stuff submitted to me (or posted in the community) which wouldn't qualify as a guest comic.
A Wall of Text
| Artwork | Sounds | Literature |

Sounds and Music
| Novvy the Novice Impersonations | Kawaii-chan Impersonations |
| aragan ;_; |

It's not common for me to get stuff like this, but I've recieved enough fan-submitted sound bytes (some by castmates!) on one RW-related thing or another to warrant this section of the gallery. :D

Novvy the Novice Impersonations
Novvy is without a doubt a popular guy. The women love him, the men want to be him, the novices ... well ... we'll figure out what the novices think later.

"omfg santa!!!!!" By Tristan Aileron
(May 20, 2003)
"thse eggs r teh suk!!!!!" By Magdalena
(June 20, 2003)
Novvy's Jingle Bells Song By Yetika Klaine
(November 06, 2003)

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Kawaii-chan Impersonations
Kawaii-chan's had her share of fans impersonating her, too!

"Wai! Sugoi gummi desu!" By Magdalena
(June 03, 2003)

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aragan ;_;
As if the whole image fad at the Prontera Parish wasn't enough, people were doing this as well! D:

ktarthan ;_;
(August 17, 2003)
lacrosse ;_;
(November 23, 2003)
garret townsend ;_;
(October 09, 2003)
yetika klaine ;_;
(November 06, 2003)
rudolph ravioli ;_;
(February 07, 2004)

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