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One thing I never understood about Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is it when you write one, people still ask you questions on the Frequently Asked Questions?

Just a thought.

Maybe people don't read them and it's a waste of time, but hey! On the off chance you're reading this, give the questions a once over, will ya?

Oh, I do update this FAQ once in a blue moon. I mean, aside from any major site redesign stuff.

But that's once in a blue moon! Someone would have to paint the moon blue to make me do it.

... Yeah, I see you with that rocket full of blue paint balls! Yeah, you, down in Flower Mound, Texas!
A Wall of Text
About Ragnarok Wisdom / Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the comic? You've come to the right place!

º What is Ragnarok Wisdom?

º Why is it hand drawn? Why not sprites?

º Why did you start Ragnarok Wisdom?

º If you started RW to practice drawing, why do you keep reusing drawings from older comics? Isn't that lazy and dishonest?

º Your art style looks like a poor attempt at mimicing anime. Are you an anime fanboy?

º Why doesn't a comic fully show up on the index page when I view it?

º Why is it on update days I don't see a new comic?

º Why is it the comc number in the URL is different than the comic itself?

º What medium do you draw the comics in, and what tools do you use?

º Where'd you get the fonts?

º Why are there blank-faced beady eyed people in the comic? Isn't that look jacked from Ragnarok Battle Offline?

º Are the characters in Ragnarok Wisdom real people?

º Why aren't there any (insert RO class)es in the comic? Put one in!

º Why don't the characters change class?

º Can I be in the comic? Can I have a cameo?

º I have my own comic. Can we do a crossover (you do a comic for me, I do a comic for you)?

º You got something wrong in an RW comic! You're depicting monsters in the wrong area or something!

º Are you the same guy as "The Infamous Trev-MUN" or "Trev-MUN?"

º Why is your domain name called adultimum.net? It sounds like a porn site.

What is this "SitL" or "Shadows in the Light" thing that keeps getting referenced on your site?

º Is Shadows in the Light related to Ragnarok Wisdom?

What is "Ragnarok Wisdom?"
Ragnarok Wisdom's a comic based on Ragnarok Online, an MMORPG developed by Gravity KR. In general, the comic deals with the culture that's developed in the game—specifically, the fan culture of the International Ragnarok Online (iRO) service (hosted by Gravity LLC). This comic doesn't have a plot either—maybe a few miniseries or related comics, but not plot based.

Despite the fact this comic's based on the official international service (iRO), most of the comics also relate to the other RO language services and MMORPGs in general—or maybe even the whole internet enchilada!

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Why is it hand drawn? Why not sprites?
There's so many RO sprite comics that I felt I should do something different. It's also a challenge for me (Read the next question's answer). Furthermore, I already have a sprite comic that I do every year...

On top of that, most people seem to be turned off by sprite comics due to the abundance of them, and will ignore sprite comics even if they're actually good. Poor Key-Fu. ;_;

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Why did you start Ragnarok Wisdom?
Three reasons. First off, I had a lot of ideas for comics! Many—especially the early ones—are actual (albeit sometimes exaggerated) occurences, others are based on ideas given to me from some of the people I hang out with, or what people have said that would be great as a comic—or are inspired by conversations with them. Then there's those that just pop in my head from the latest developments in Ragnarok Online (or in other games).

The second is that, as a (wannabe) artist, I didn't draw very often. Ragnarok Wisdom provided me with an opportunity to draw on a regular basis, as well as to try and keep up with a deadline (after I started doing these on a regular basis that is).

Finally, I like making people laugh. Ragnarok Wisdom seems to make people laugh, so... That's another reason to do it!

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Okay, so if you made this webcomic to practice drawing, why do you always reuse old drawings? I've seen the same drawing of (character) in (number) comics now! You're lazy! A lazy bum! Bad Aragan!
Guilty as charged! My comics have indeed become more and more "copypastey" even though I had hoped it wouldn't come to that.

The reason for that is because making RW comics eats up a lot of my time. While I'd like to think that RW has visibly improved my ability to draw and color (compare this comic to this one), it also takes way more time than it used to. It's mostly my fault; most webcomics that update even weekly are those that can be quickly and easily done by the artist. The comics that attempt to be detailed and colorful and update weekly-or-more are rare, and when they do exist, it's often the author's entire life.

Sprite comics like Bob and George or 8-Bit Theater, vector comics like Order of the Stick; they are very easy to make comics for, since most of the work is simply posing characters within a scene. Drawn comics tend to be simplistic in coloring and lineart for ease of inking and uploading.

However ... Ragnarok Wisdom's style is neither quick or easy. I've become a lot more fussy about consistently getting details somewhat right, and having more degrees of shading rather than two-or-three-color jobs. Nowdays, if I want to completely draw a comic from scratch and color it, it can take upwards of a week or more given all the other stuff going on. Even if I have a weekend free, I've found myself uploading a new comic after Sunday, sometimes many days after.

If it takes me hours to draw and color a character from scratch in MS Paint, then in order to get comics reasonably out on time I have to reuse older drawings that fit the scene. If I didn't reuse images at all I'd be lucky to update even twice a month! They might look nice and all, but ...

Many of the comics where I attempt to avoid reusing images wind up being a few days late as a result, or have to be added in chunks before they're finished.

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Your artwork and drawing style looks like a poor attempt at anime or manga styles. Are you an otaku/Japanophile/anime fanboy?
It might surprise you to know that I haven't really watched much anime at all, nor have read any graphic novels aside from the series Ragnarok Online came from. One reason for drawing in an anime-style is to follow the style that's used by the original Ragnarok graphic novels, as well as the early artwork/character class artwork RO employs (though of late they've gone with a more cutsey style).

Even though I grasp at a sort of animeish-tic style for Ragnarok Wisdom, I still attempt to sharpen my anatomy and shading skills through the comic, as well as get more experience in different, more fluid and exotic (STOP LAUGHING!) poses and expressions.

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Why is it when I view the page on an update day, the comic isn't showing up/only partially/the website not updated with it?
You're trying to view the page while I'm updating. Wait for about ten or so minutes before trying again. I don't know if this will be as much of a problem as it used to be when the site was a huge blob of HTML files, since ComicCMS helps automate a lot of processes I had to do by hand—but if this problem ever comes up, you at least know why!

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Why is it that when I view the page on an update day, you haven't updated yet?
I don't have a rigid time on which I update comics. I tend to draw these the day before or the day of, which means I update the site at varying times—most commonly, I finish updating at 1:00, 6:00, or 8:00 PM. Sometimes I get bad luck streaks and wind up updating close to midnight for a while, especially with longer comics.

Also, keep in mind that I live in the United States, central time zone. If you live on the continents of Australia or Asia (Or on an island or archipelago somewhere nearby... taaaaz), then I'm updating the day before, in your case.

You live in the United States? You're an American? rofl!!1 stupid fat yankee americans sux dieplz lolz!11yank
You're another one of those hateful close-minded losers, huh? Can I donate your brain to science? Thanks. *SMASH*

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Why is the number of a comic is different in the URL than in the comic's title? Shouldn't it be the same?
I wish I could do that, but unfortunately this is a consequence of my moving the webcomic from a purely HTML system to a PHP one (ComicCMS, specifically). ComicCMS doesn't allow for custom URLs for comics, and instead displays comic URLs in the order in which the comic was uploaded, regardless of wheter it's a guest comic or something else.

Steve H, the developer for ComicCMS, has said that he doesn't plan on allowing for custom URLs, but if the feature ever becomes available I'll see about fixing this. Personally I'd love it if I could get the URLs to look like "adultimum.net/rw/screenchaos100" or "adultimum.net/rw/screenguest23" ...

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What medium are the comics drawn in? What tools do you use?
Good old MS Paint. Mouse drawn with my non-writing hand, I might add (I'm a lefty, most mice are for right handers). And colored.

No way.
Yes way.

You're kidding.

You're mad.
I know!

What about those effects and backgrounds, though? They can't be MS Paint!
Actually, you're right; for certain things that make my job quicker/e.t.c, I turn to The GIMP. It's an open-source image modification thingummer.

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What about the fonts? Where did you get those?
You've probably seen these everywhere by now, but just for posterity, they can be found (for free) at Blambot. For regular text, I use "Anime Ace." Lamer speak uses "Mighty Zeo," and most of the effect text fonts are "Umberto," "Mutant Supermodel," and "Sergeant Sixpack."

There's a few fonts I now use which don't come from Blambot, I think. "A.C.M.E Explosive" is one, and that's what I use to bold text in the comics. I also use "3 The Hard Way" in some cases. At the moment I don't have a link where you could find these, so your best bet is to gooooogle.

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Why do those shorthand-speaking people have blank faces, beady eyes and no mouths?
Those are supposed to be common iRO lamers. The beady faces and netspeak are meant to convey their lack of intelligence, communication skills, courtesy, and morals.

Didn't you just rip that off Ragnarok Battle Offline?
No, I didn't. Though I think the flash movie French Bread made of RBO years prior predates RW, the concept of little white-beady eyed lamers (and Novvy) wasn't influenced by RBO.

(Besides, that'd kinda be an insult to their awesome work!)

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Are the characters in Ragnarok Wisdom real people?
For the most part, yep. Practically everyone listed as a main cast member in the Characters page, save for Novvy the Novice or Kawaii-chan, are people who play or have played iRO by that name, class and appearance. Their personalities in Ragnarok Wisdom are also based on their quirks and eccentricities.

Do they still play RO?
From time to time, though we're not always playing together at once; you can check Who's Who in RO to see when they were last playing and under what character names, so you won't get fooled by any imitators.

However, most of the people who were part of the guild in game have moved on to other MMOs or other hobbies entirely. Some of us still sort of keep in touch; you might occasionally see some of the RW cast members hanging around in the community!

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Why aren't there any (insert RO class)es? You should put one in!
Because these are (mostly) real people in the cast. This reflects what they actually play as in RO. We don't play one of each first, second, expanded, rebirth, and third class. We are what we are, and as long as RW's cast is based on CoRM and its friends, this won't change. Mind, it's not that I have a vendetta against whatever class you really want to see put in the comic—it's that no one I hang out with plays as them.

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Your cast is lame! Why aren't they all third level classes?!
What, just because a new tier of classes are announced, everyone in the cast should be those classes? As said earlier—we are what we are. If I want to remain an acolyte (or even a high acolyte), I damn well will. When one of my buddies advances to the next tier—or unadvances in Sniff's case—their appearance in the comics usually changes as well.

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Can I be in the comic? Can I have a cameo?
Appearances in RW by people who aren't in the actual cast are usually of people I've known long enough to know their eccentricities and shticks, which often become the basis of their appearances in RW.

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I have my own comic. Can we do a crossover (you do a comic for me, I do a comic for you)
If you want to do a joint comic or crossover thingummer, E-mail me about it so we can ... DISCUSS!! *riot scene* (No, you won't get that refrence unless you know of Nth's involvement in the Orochinagi Fighters series.)

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You got something wrong in an RW comic! You're depicting monsters in the wrong area or something!
Well, that's not much of a question, BUT—there's several things to keep in mind.

Often I do these comics based on the knowledge I have of the world whenever I last played RO. As time passes, Gravity likes to change the locations of monsters, items, class changes (in early 2006 kRO's updates moved Blacksmiths from Geffen to Einbroch, and Hunters from Payon to Hugel) and so on, so older comics will not make much sense in that respect. Despite that, the punchline shouldn't typically rely on their exact locations. ... Typically.

Also, I often do comics on what's been announced by Gravity or rumored at the time—though often I'll make note of it when I do. For example, this is why both Nth Power and Sniff the Raven both debuted in RW as an Alchemist and Crusader (respectively). When they first appeared in RW, the 2-2 classe were not even in kRO Sakray, much less confirmed as an upcoming addition to Ragnarok Online. The only evidence of their existence back then was in photos sketches and preliminary sprites shown at expos. (That's why in the early RWs, the Crusader clothing is red instead of blue—the preliminary Crusader sprites had red trim and red capes, rather than blue).

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Do you also go by "Trev-MUN" or "The Infamous Trev-MUN?"
Yes, that's my alias outside of Ragnarok Online.

And yes, I did do that Starmen.net comic called "Trev-MUN Shows Off." That was years ago. It's really embarrasing to think of now.

What does "Trev-MUN" mean, anyhow?
I've done roleplaying from time to time, and in the online communities I started roleplaying in, they called the real person the 'Mundane' or 'Mun.' A few groups I've come across also do this; in any case, I use it as part of my alias. Why did I capitalize the MUN? Beats me.

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Why is your domain name called adultimum.net? It sounds like a porn site!
No, Ad Ultimum does not mean "Adult!" It's a Latin phrase meaning "To The Last"—I use that as the name for another, really, really, big project of mine. You can find some related links in the Links section.

lolz adultimum
... ;_;

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What is this "SitL" or "Shadows in the Light" thing that keeps getting referenced on your site?
Shadows in the Light is, put simply, a crossover story between that 'really big project of mine' (Ad Ultimum) and Ragnarok. I say "Ragnarok" because it's not specifically a crossover of Ragnarok Online as it were—more emphasis is given to Myung-Jin Lee's novels instead of Gravity's interpretations, but that will also contain references from Ragnarok Online (and possibly Ragnarok Online 2) to create a sort of "future time period."

You'll see what I mean.

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Is Shadows in the Light related to Ragnarok Wisdom?
Only superficially. In fact, SitL predates RW as far as planning goes. Once the project gets off the ground, I'm sure you'll recognize a few familiar faces from RW in SitL—but they won't be the same, rest assured.

Where Ragnarok Wisdom is a goofy webcomic about CoRM's misadventures in an MMORPG, Shadows in the Light is a more serious, darker story that treats the Ragnarok world as a real, living thing—characters like Aragan, Lunaris, and others may appear to be the same guys (us) that you see in RW, but they're not. They're their own people in SitL, in their own world. Y'know what I mean?

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Ragnarok Wisdom is © 2002 Irish Lightning Studios.
This notice does not imply any exclusive right to preexisting material by other authors featured in Ragnarok Wisdom.

Ragnarok Online is © 2001 Gravity Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Ragnarok: Into the Abyss is © 1995 Myung-Jin Lee. All Rights Reserved.

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