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When I first heard about this event, I thought it was a celebratory event for the other announcement I heard—the bombshell that iRO's premium servers would be going free to play alongside Valkyrie in the near future. Apparently this isn't the kickoff for that, though, because it hasn't happened yet.

Nevertheless! I guess it's natural that all the winners would want the rewards geared toward the end-game players, though it does suck that since only third classes have access to the 100-150 level range, that no one else can run those. Not even the Extended classes. I'm glad that the GMs decided to do something for the rest of us!

... You gotta admit, life in an MMO would be a lot easier if you could have a giant grinder like this! Especially if it played grindcore music as it did the dirty deed. Well, if you like grindcore music anyway. It would fit the hectic mass mulching of Anubises (Anubii?) at the Sphinx, though, that's for darn sure.

Comic #487

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