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I've always been curious, since I've never heard either way before; do the other legit servers have St. Patrick's Day events like iRO's? Or are these events purely of the iRO GM Team's design? I'm not sure how much event content gets shared between the legit services. If not, well, you can see what we got for St. Patty's Day at iRO Wiki!

Either way! I've liked the ongoing holiday quests involving O'Riley. Though when he first showed up in iRO, he was a green Cookie monster—for those of you playing the home game, that's not to say O'Riley lived on Sesame Street eating cookies. Rather, he was this! (And even as a quest giver, he constantly sniffled like regular monster Cookies.)

The next year he appeared, I think, was when he got his unique sprite. He was no longer a small doughboy, but a big burly leprechaun! ... Which is kind of a contradiction, since leprechauns are supposed to be pint-sized, but who knows. Maybe O'Riley is a lumberjack in the off season.

Speaking of things out of place, it seems some guests from the Team Fortress 2 universe breached the dimensional barriers and came to Midgard for some hats. We are kindred spirits, characters of two games that share an equal love for fancy headwear!

Does this movie poster look familiar to you? It should! It's meant to parody the U.S. poster for the James Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun. I think I managed to get a good RO questy equivalent of all the major details there!

Though, now that I look at it, Snakepentor's tail looks less like a tail to me and more like soft-serve vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup ...

Comic #488

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