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I came up with the idea for this comic on the night of March 19th, when I was wanting to view the Supermoon but I couldn't because of how cloudy the skies were. I wanted to take pictures, too! Well ... I did get lucky and got some, but it was still frustrating. A lot of people I know across the United States said they, too, couldn't see the moon due to cloud cover. On that night of all nights! Then again ... I've noticed that this tends to happen a LOT here in Texas.

Meteor shower? Cloud cover.

Lunar eclipse? Heavy cloud cover.

Rare alignment of the planets? Freakin' heavy cloud cover.

I think I know who's exactly to blame, though ... He finally can control the weather, and he uses his power for evil instead of good. ;_; Speaking of which, this is the first comic I've made that uses the new style for the skill callouts. I didn't even know that Gravity had changed those, because it's a pretty subtle detail; but rather than flat semi-transparent boxes, it's a semi-transparent rounded box with a border! Subtle indeed, but it does look classy, I must admit.

Ciel of iRO Valkyrie helped me get some reference screenshots so I could make my own versions. Thanks for the assist, Ciel! :D

Comic #489

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