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I swear this is pretty much what happened. Well, Gut Funk wasn't right there at the time, aaaaaand I wasn't exactly in Prontera either ... more like Einbroch. BUT ANYWAY! The GMs made an announcement pretty close to that message up there!


But I was there for it when all Hell—er, all Nifelheim? Niffleheim? (I keep forgetting how they spell it RO!) Broke loose. It wasn't pretty! You could have probably crowd surfed on the dead bodies of suicidal adventurers that piled up in the streets, if you're into that sort of thing.

Though personally, I wouldn't find that very fun. Or tasteful. And it'd probably get annoying quick, what with all the corpses begging for a rez.

But hey! I had fun, um, in trying not to die ... and in hoping that Satan Morroc and all the other big wigs wouldn't notice my presence. Admittedly I didn't succeed at that. I'm not sure what happened.

One minute I was standing off to the side watching, far away from where Satan Morroc was operating his meat grinder, then suddenly I was kissing cobblestone!
Maybe I just slipped on a banana peel and hit the ground for 2596 HP. Yeah, that's it. It was just a peel of bad luck ...

Comic #491

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