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The GMs were really mischievous this time around for April Fool's, let me tell you. However, I didn't actually know about this particular NPC or the story behind it—so you've all got Maiko-chan (AKA Mai) to thank for informing me and leading to the creation of this comic. :D
So here's what I learned! Last year, on November 2nd or so, the GMs goofed up after a maintenance. On Ymir and Yggdrasil, they accidentally added (or perhaps activated?) an NPC called "Stuf Gimme" that sold Old Card Albums for cheap. (I'm guessing that's one of their debugging NPCs or something.)
I do mean cheap, though—and they didn't take him down right away, which led to a lot of OCAs flooding the player market. They didn't have a proper backup of the servers to just before maintenance, as it turned out, so they couldn't roll back and get rid of the flood of cheap OCAs that way. They had to try and manually remove them, which I assume is like doing surgery with a hand grenade. A lot of them still remain on the market of those servers, I've been told.
So this whole April Fool's thing is sort of like poking fun at the GMs' own mistake, on top of the obvious! However, right now all entrances and exits in Prontera lead to the PVP zone. So you don't even really have to get tricked by the "free OCAs" NPC they've set up to get punked!

Comic #492

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