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This happened shortly after iRO launched its new VIP and free-to-play format. I hadn't been on Chaos ... uh, I mean, Ymir ... since they combined all the subscription-based servers into one, so once they revised it so that anyone who had ever made a character there could now play on Ymir for free, I got to see how things looked on the VIP side of the tracks.

The GM message here? That's almost verbatim with the announcement they made in-game.
I was there!
I saw it!
And it made me snicker so much that I had to try and make a comic about it.

Personally I think it would be kind of badass if Code the Redeemer actually had an active hand in affairs out there in Midgard. They've ironed out the Mercenaries system years ago ... I wonder if they can extend that to making other wandering or friendly NPCs that can fight monsters? Because I would totally pay to see Code the Redeemer mulch a dungeon.

Comic #493

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