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So! Here's where we do things the old-fashioned way. In this day and age where we can have stuff like Facebook and Digg and Reddit and social networking sites to do all the work of spreading word of mouth, here I've got a page of links instead!

Well, okay, maybe it's not so old-fashioned. But still! It's an older method. Oldie but goodie.

Man. Look at those link banners. Can you believe that back when I started this comic, those banners looked absolutely massive on the smaller resolutions of the day? They were truly BANNERS, man.

Oh good Load, I'm turning into a grumpy oldbie! NO! I WILL NOT TRADE MY MACE IN FOR A CANE.

Hey! Here's a thought. Someone needs to make a web toy or something that puts link banners on links of sausage, for the punniness of it. Then you could fry the links and serve in a hot dog bun!

Mmm, deep fried advertising.

What if everything that had to do with "links" in some way or another actually involved sausage links? Think about it! Like, say, chain link fences. Imagine if they were fences made of sausage links!

... Well, I ... guess that wouldn't make for an effective fence ...
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So now you're done with Ragnarok Wisdom and you want to go somewhere else. ;_;

That's okay! I understand! Really! ;_;

Here's some places you might want to check out.

Other Ad Ultimum Network Sites

Ad Ultimum Network Main Page
This is the main page of the Ad Ultimum Network. You can see some of the other sites hosted here, most of which are my own.

Ad Ultimum: The Blood-Soaked Void
This was an early attempt by me to create a audio drama (with a 3D CG movie accompanying it later on). This project hasn't gotten off the ground due to computer issues.

The Legend of Key-Fu Trev-MUN's "The Legend of Key-Fu" A yearly sprite comic that first started as a parody of Dracula X: Rondo of Blood. Now it's ... quite different. Bask in the glory of the SHOESINE !!

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Other Ragnarok Online Comics

Orbonne deArc's "Ruins"
Orbonne deArc's "Ruins" A sprite comic that the founder of Prontera Parish ran from 2002 to 2005 set in an alternate universe from the primary setting.

Sir Hawkeye's "Portal Hopping" Sir Hawkeye's "Portal Hopping" A sprite comic run by Prontera Parish member Sir Hawkeye, featuring Rin DePrittz and their son, the "Newly Blessing."

Spinny's "Everlasting Wanderers" Spinny's "Everlasting Wanderers" A hand-drawn comic started in 2002 about the adventures of Kuumei and her gang. He still updates every now and then.

Ktarthan's "The Hatman Chronicles" Ktarthan's "The Hatman Chronicles" A random comic that ran from 2002 to 2005, featuring the misadventures of Ktarthan and the creature controlling him, Hatman.

The Midgard Ranter The Midgard Ranter A comic and miscellaneous site run by three pRO players; Schwarzeneegger, Masamune Rai, and Raspberry Heaven.

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Affiliated Websites

Planet Badness Planet Badness A variety website and webcomic run by Inmate2993 AKA inmastein AKA inmatarian.

MMOsite MMOsite This site covers a lot of different MMORPGs, Ragnarok Online included.

ComicCMS ComicCMS Wondering what's running under the Ragnarok Wisdom website's hood? It's this system, right here!

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Ragnarok Online Websites

Prontera Parish
This was one of the big iRO roleplaying communities during the Alpha and early Betas. Although the group is long defunct and their forums have died due to server problems, the link remains for posterity (since the site is still viewable through Web Archive).

Merchant Guild
When iRO was in its early years, this group was one of the big merchant-oriented communities. Their domain name was taken by a cybersquatter, but a Web Archive link remains here due to their historical importance!

iRO Wiki
The successor of Ragnainfo and Emperium.org and currently one of the major go-to sites for the International Ragnarok Online community. Both a wiki and a forum.

The crystal ball of the iRO community, Doddler's site network provides news on updates coming from kRO, as well as an online database for the game.

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Sites/Comics Aragan Reads

Homestar Runner Homestar Runner One of the most famous Flash-based web toon series on the internet!

Mookie's "Dominic Deegan" Mookie's "Dominic Deegan" A hand-drawn fantasy comic about a seer named Dominic Deegan and the adventures he has with friends and family.

Howard Tayler's "Schlock Mercenary" Howard Tayler's "Schlock Mercenary" The adventures of a shapeshifting all-consuming sociopathic lump of carbon and the mercenary company for which he works!

Arioch's "Outsider" Arioch's "Outsider" A science fiction epic webcomic that chronicles the discovery that mankind is not alone in the universe ... and that there are two very big galactic superpowers waging war on their doorstep.

Scott Christian Sava's "Dreamland Chronicles" Scott Christian Sava's "Dreamland Chronicles" A 3D computer graphics webcomic about a young man and the world of dreams that only kids can visit.

Farva's "Air Force Blues" Farva's "Air Force Blues" A vector-drawn comic about a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. This one is more NSFW than the others, but great fun, especially if you're into military aviation.

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