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Behold! Now that I've made the journey from basic HTML to PHP, I can now provide you with an archive of updates from time immemorial! Or maybe since 2002.

If I were to clone that protagonist from Ragnarok DS (Ales) by the thousands and stuff his clones into shelves on this archive, could I call it the Library of Ales-andria?

Okay! Okay! That was a lame pun! I know! Stop throwing bricks and swords and spells and porings!

I mean it!

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screenChaos389 is up.
Febuary 28, 2009

My current semester seems to be making a habit of making assignments due over the weekend that they are assigned (they can be turned in online), and the timing of last week's assignments made things nigh-impossible to do a comic.

Rather than making yet another comic apologizing for college eating up my time, I decided to just hold off until I could find the time to work on a comic.

That, well ... turned out to be today, Saturday.

#389 is referencing a recent event in the MMO world—one of the major science fiction MMORPGs, Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, is getting permanently shut down by NCSoft. Their servers shut down for good tonight at midnight Central Standard Time; the game is currently free to play, for the short time it has left.

A while ago, another MMO—Ryzom—was shut down by its developer. A player-run movement tried to raise enough capital to buy the content rights so that they could legally host the servers and keep the game going. It almost succeeded, until the game was handed off to another company that outbid the players (but kept the game going, so it was all good).

Assuming NCSoft isn't going to surprise its (rather angry) players with anything, it would be nice if another player movement like that kept Tabula Rasa alive. It sure as hell would beat what happened to RO.


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