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Behold! Now that I've made the journey from basic HTML to PHP, I can now provide you with an archive of updates from time immemorial! Or maybe since 2002.

If I were to clone that protagonist from Ragnarok DS (Ales) by the thousands and stuff his clones into shelves on this archive, could I call it the Library of Ales-andria?

Okay! Okay! That was a lame pun! I know! Stop throwing bricks and swords and spells and porings!

I mean it!

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A Wall of Text
screenChaos390 is up!
March 01, 2009

Okay, back to comics that concern themselves with Ragnarok Online!

... Sorta.

So sue me, I have a train of thought that wanders the railways like they were driven by a Casey Jones hopped up on caffeine and Red Bull and just ate a pound a sugar.

To tell the truth, I bet someone has already done this with Kirbies. I mean, porings and kirbies ... they're a lot alike. Except porings die easily and are more gelatinous and share kinship with the "Standard RPG Slime Mascot Monster" than Kirby. He's more like a all-devouring marshmallow.

NEVERTHELESS! I hope you enjoy this one.


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