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Behold! Now that I've made the journey from basic HTML to PHP, I can now provide you with an archive of updates from time immemorial! Or maybe since 2002.

If I were to clone that protagonist from Ragnarok DS (Ales) by the thousands and stuff his clones into shelves on this archive, could I call it the Library of Ales-andria?

Okay! Okay! That was a lame pun! I know! Stop throwing bricks and swords and spells and porings!

I mean it!

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screenChaos425 will be up soon.
October 25, 2009

Something else has taken higher priority than Ragnarok Wisdom for the time being. As you guys might have heard, Geocities is being shut down by Yahoo. This is an old, old webhosting service that offered small parcels of web space for free, and did so for 15 years.

There's countless sites on there which will never be available again after today, and I'm not sure when the sites will be deleted. I've been spending the weekend archiving certain sites that are important to me for one reason or another, and it's cut in to time for Ragnarok Wisdom and the Legend of Key-Fu.

I'm really sorry about that, but, well—if you gotta blame someone, I'd blame Yahoo. I know I'm not alone in that line of thinking. Once I'm done with my share of this, I'll get back to work on Ragnarok Wisdom.

As for The Legend of Key-Fu, it'll probably have to be released one page at a time over the course of the rest of this month. The first page is already up, though. Let me know if you like where things are heading!

Oh, in case you're wondering—that music that plays towards the end of #424 comes from a game that can be seen in action here. Rudolph Ravioli loves this game.


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