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Behold! Now that I've made the journey from basic HTML to PHP, I can now provide you with an archive of updates from time immemorial! Or maybe since 2002.

If I were to clone that protagonist from Ragnarok DS (Ales) by the thousands and stuff his clones into shelves on this archive, could I call it the Library of Ales-andria?

Okay! Okay! That was a lame pun! I know! Stop throwing bricks and swords and spells and porings!

I mean it!

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A Wall of Text
screenChaos443 is up! (The last back updated comic, hopefully!)
March 14, 2010

Finally! I'm done updating out of order!

This is the comic I had to skip over last month while I was busy catching up with all the other comics I missed out on finishing due to the problems this January. That's why its date is marked back in February; I had this all set up but didn't have the time to make it happen. And, after all that's happened these past few months, I've decided to punt the flow of time out the window.

By the way ...

Currently, the Ragnarok Wisdom forums are closed to new registrations. We have been having some seriously bad problems with spambots hammering the place. Unfortunately I can't really do anything about it for the time being, as the solution will most certainly involve reworking this site as well as the forum itself.

If you'd like to hang out in the RW fan community, you'll have to come to the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel at EsperNet. The chat page on this site will give you directions on how to hang out with us there be sure to check the FAQ, as well as the channel's new stats page if you're interested in seeing when we're the most active.

Enjoy the old/new comic!


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