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Behold! Now that I've made the journey from basic HTML to PHP, I can now provide you with an archive of updates from time immemorial! Or maybe since 2002.

If I were to clone that protagonist from Ragnarok DS (Ales) by the thousands and stuff his clones into shelves on this archive, could I call it the Library of Ales-andria?

Okay! Okay! That was a lame pun! I know! Stop throwing bricks and swords and spells and porings!

I mean it!

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A Wall of Text
I told you guys I wasn't dead! The site redesign is complete!
December 31, 2010

It's taken over half a year to finally finish off, but the process of converting the Ragnarok Wisdom website from HTML to a PHP framework is finally done! (I just hope there's still some people reading to see this ... )

Not only do we now have an RSS Feed so that you can subscribe to and keep track of updates, but the Oekaki Boards are back and locally hosted, so they'll be around as long as this domain name is. We've also got a vastly updated fan gallery system so now I can easily put any submitted fan stuff on display! (I've already put years' worth of fanart there as part of the redesign!)

The RW website is how running on Comic CMS, a PHP system that gives me the power I so badly needed to fix a lot of the problems with the site as it had been. At the same time though, it's not an entirely perfect system, and I doubt the months I spent setting up the site's layout prior to replacing the original HTML-based pages was smooth.

In short—I'm expecting dead links and other issues to pop up, and I may not be aware of them. I would greatly appreciate it if, you find a dead link or some strange problem, to mail me about it so I can fix the problem. The one major issue I'm aware of presently is that the Comic CMS news system is a bit wonky, and is going to display all the news items for a bit as, despite their assigned dates, they were added recently.

Hopefully there won't be many kinks to work out, but feel free to look around so far! There's a number of comics up that were not available during the downtime, and almost every element of the site has been redesigned. You might want to take a look at the bonus art section too.

We'll get this show back on the road soon!


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