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This one was inspired by people at the Ragnarok Online LiveJournal Community, who swap lots of tales about Glast Heim's graveyard. Here's the thing, though ... I've never been there myself!

It's probably going to cause some people apoplexy to know that, but its true—I have never, not even ONCE, been to Glast Heim AT ALL as of this writing. Glast Heim is treated by practically everyone as a required experience for Acolytes and Priests, and I've yet to go there ... I will have to rectify that some day!

Just, uh ...

When I do go, it won't be like this!

No matter what, I am NOT going to just sit there and look pretty at "the cross," like the people in this comic (or in RO itself). It's not fun if you let people do all the fighting for you! I prefer to get in there and mix it up, while supporting the front line guys. Or at least just support the front line guys.

Boy, I feel sorry for the priestess there.

By the way, that female acolyte in panel 3 here? She's sucking a pacifier.

Just ... thought I'd make that clear lest people get the wrong idea!

Comic #109

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