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Welcome to Ragnarok Wisdom, a webcomic that follows the lives and misadventures of a gaggle of guildies from Ragnarok Online!

Sit down, strap yourself in, and prepare yourself for a shoe shining of legendary proportions—wait, that's what they do at the Key-Fu website. NEVERMIND!
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The Ragnarok Wisdom Forums Are Down!

If you've been a long-time visitor you might remember that starting in 2004, Ragnarok Wisdom had its own forums. Due to issues beyond my control, they're gone now, and any posts, threads, or messages there are permanently gone.

Here's what happened: At the end of September in 2011, Lywellyn was no longer able to continue paying for Baron Online, the site where the RW forums were hosted. GoDaddy pulled the plug on him in the middle of October. I wasn't aware of this until the forums were taken down by GoDaddy, as I had been working on the site redesign for RW at the time.

Lywellyn tried contacting GoDaddy asking if the data for the RW forums could be recovered and sent to him as an archive. Even though his site was just recently taken down, GoDaddy would not allow him to access his account data unless he paid for more hosting time and an additional fee of $150. Apparently this is standard practice for GoDaddy, even for things like domain name hosting—miss your payment schedule by even a day and GoDaddy will charge you a huge amount to get it back.

Suffice to say, I'm not personally going to be touching GoDaddy for hosting.


Either way, the RW forums, as they were on the Baron Online site, are permanently gone. Eventually I hope to re-launch the forums on the Ad Ultimum Network, possibly as part of a larger networked forum for multiple projects. There's no telling when I'll be able to get to that, though.

To everyone who might've had stuff they wanted to save from the RW forum, I'm sorry you never got the chance. ;_;

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