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You gotta admit ... something is up with those plants and mushrooms. They can take a beating from just about anything and only receive one damage from it all. I don't get that, really. Even back before when they were first introduced, they were still very sturdy—the only surefire way to kill one with one strike was with an upgraded weapon.

You know, I've got a theory about all this ... Maybe the reason why plants and mushrooms are so indestructible is because they draw their nutrients from the scenery—and we all know that the scenery in Ragnarok Online is indestructible!

... Hmm, wait. Wouldn't that mean people and animals eating plant herbs or mushroomy stuff also be nigh indestructible? Or maybe the potency of the indestructibility is lost each time it changes hands. Like, the plants and mushrooms have a good concentration of scenery nutrients, but by the time people and animals eat it, it's only a minimal benefit.

... Maybe I'm overthinking this.

AHEM! Anyway, this part here with the default female alchemist setting off a nuke to kill the mushroom—the Einstein bit (and Rudolph Ravioli's remark) are part of an injoke that's been going around the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC room. The stuff Einstein is saying is from Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2's song, "Blow It Up," which in turn took that stuff from some sort of 50's B-movie, I suppose. I don't know what it would have been.

Either way, I took that part of the song and use it from time to time in the channel. At one point Rudolph Ravioli (AKA Kurushimi) played an explosion sound and said "time has run out." Since we're talking about hard-to-kill plants and 'shrooms, I figured it'd be appropriate.

And here it is... Nth's Mushroom Mail, with 99 DEF!

Every twink's dream.

Comic #110

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