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Man! When it came to drawing this, I was pretty indecisive about how I wanted to go about it.

See, I got the idea for this one reading some entries at the iRO LiveJournal community. Over there, someone was talking about their (then) recent experiences involving the War of Emperium on iRO Chaos.

The person in question wrote that she and her guildmates were in a dungeon fighting monsters when a WoE session started unexpectedly. They had to scramble to get back to their castle to defend it, and in order to get back to town quickly, she had to kill herself. It was the casual mention of suicide that struck me.

Originally, I was going to cameo her (she's a wizard), but I forgot to ask for her permission when I started working on this comic (not to mention I don't know how to contact her D: ).

Since I hadn't talked to her ahead of time, I worried that she might find it insulting to get cameoed this way, especially since here she'd be slicing her own throat rather than committing suicide the Ragnarok Online way (which is to fling yourself at a bunch of monsters and not fight back).

So after thinking about it, I made the "lead" character the default female wizard. Then I had second thoughts about that, too; I got worried that some people might take this comic the wrong way and say "OMG ARAGAN'S CHAVUNISTIC" in response. So, I was gonna put MVE here instead, but it was too late for that too.

So instead, you can just pretend it's Mark Van Exel ... DURING THE GENDER SWITCH BUG!! HAR HAR HAR.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever drawn a female wizard in the comic before, either. IT IS A FIRST OF MANY PORTENTOUS PORTENT!

and it ownz ;_;

Comic #112

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