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Oh, look at the date! It's 06/05/04! It's like The Final Countdown from Europe!
CELEBRATE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR GASBAGS. ... Ahem. With that celebration out of the way ... down to brass tacks, shall we? First thing I'd like to mention, is that there's two peoples in this comic you see who aren't in the starring list. Because I couldn't fit them in. Y'see, one of them has this really big and long name that's hard to spell and it's like trying to fit a watermelon into a Ziploc bag. It just ... you know, it just doesn't work.

Anyway, the two people in this comic include Spinny, the creator of Everlasting Wanderers, and Murus... mumu,,, mamosvuchach... AUGH@&*^*@ I can never spell his name right. Therefore, I will call him "Majestic Goat Man," or MGM. Then I will get sued by the company of the same abbreviation. MGM is responsible for the Midgard Ranter, a Philippines RO based rant/comic site. I figured I'd pay Spinny back for the cameo I got in EW, and add Muru... sake... muffin m... MGM because he's cool, and his horns of death will pierce me in the face if I didn't comply to his demands, BUT YOU DIDN'T HEAR THAT!*^$@$

Also, that artwork in the final panel- gotta give credit where it's due, that's Zelse fanart from Scarlet Winterhawk. I really need to update the fan art page. Note to self—update fanart page soon. Second note—If self forgets, mace self in face.

This comic isn't too far off from the truth concerning what I've witnessed when seeing people comment on RO artwork.Actually, it's based almost directly off some of the idiots I've seen (Want proof? Look at this dumbass in this comment list for this piece of fanart from Ippy) ... I really wanna know where people get off saying that they could pwn an artist in Ragnarok Online. Think about that for a second... They're on an art board, commenting on artwork, saying they can beat the artist like a redheaded stepchild. They're using a comment for artwork to tell the artist that they are better than them.


On that note, I would just like to say that Earthling Cruisers in Star Control II rock your ankles.
< / absurd >

Comic #125

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