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Here's another fundamental truth about Ragnarok Online and every other MMO out there: what you see is defnitely not what you get. I never understood that; guys will hit on any female sprite in the game and call them beautiful, and say that they're in love. I don't think they're roleplaying, either (most people who RP get "stfu wierdo" by the lamers in iRO, so it's kind of discouraged. Openly, that is).

Granted, Gravity tried to make people play by their real gender so that the game would double as *ahem* "social networking" (love that term!), but people find ways around that!

Lunaris' reputation for speaking in oddly phrased English doesn't get very well represented in comics; he's gotten better at it over time, anyway, so his speech here is kind of like an artifact of his personality or something. Let's put it in a museum!

Comic #14

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