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Aaaand, here we've got Guest Script Month winner #4—

Raven Ashcroft!

Sniff lovingly referred to this script entry as "Butthorns! :D!" and would constantly say that whenever it was time to begin looking through entries.

Raven Ashcroft, be proud, for you have influenced Sniff on many levels! I, of course, blame all of this on Trist. (No! I'm kidding! HEY! PUT ME DOWN TRIST! AGH!)

You know, thinking about it ... Naked streaking MVE, Kawaii-chan's now infamous "boob belly," and now this ... man, are we on a roll or what?

Actually, Tristan was the guy who suggested that instead of showing the 100 EA message, to have all 100 horns "stretch his asshole."

I might have arted up three disturbing winning entries in a row, but even I have standards! ;0; Though I could have had the Merchant start playing jazz with his butt.

Comic #143

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