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Aaaand, here we've got Guest Script Month winner #4—


It was a pretty close call for us guys in the cast, trying to figure out which of the many guest script comics we've received would get today's slot. We had a hard time deciding! The main strike against this one was that it was just too long; as Tristan put it, "this isn't a comic, it's an epic adventure!"

Granted, a very developed and funny adventure—that much we all agreed upon—but still!

It was suggested at one point that I could turn this into a flash animation (as I've done a few flash animations unrelated to Ragnarok Wisdom in the past), but, well. I can only do so much with the time I have!

Personally, if we DID turn this into a flash movie, I would want Leonard Nimoy to sing a theme song for us, like that Bilbo Baggins song he did way back in the 70s. ("The bravest little Hobbit of them all!")

We'd thought about possibly splitting the comic up into two parts, but that wouldn't be fair to the other winners (especially if the second half took up the last remaining update slot this month). I was able to do it all in one comic, though!

(Hopefully the comic doesn't suffer from my cramming techniques.)

The other thing that's kind of scary is that Jyuni consistently misspelled my name, calling me "Aragon" instead.

I AM NOT GONE! ;0; I'm right here! Typing this text!

AND I'M NOT A GAS EITHER! I also have not eaten any gassy foods, and if I had, I wouldn't be emitting argon! ;_;

I'm not kidding about this, either. I can't dance. On top of that, it's absolutely frightening to see me wearing an afro. The only person allowed to emit that amount of funk is Gut Funk, because he's got a license to funk!

"Promoter of love to all second classes," Jyuni calls herself. Does that make me her arch-nemesis because I'm a permacolyte?

WELL THEN! We obviously need to have a climatic battle!

... Or wait, she'd probably just gank me. Or smother me in emotes. NEVERMIND WHAT I SAID!

Comic #144

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