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Guess what, guys? Today's Tuesday.

That's right, Ragnarok Wisdom is two years old today. Two freaking years! I still find myself dumbstruck by this fact. Even so, such an occasion elicts the need for a SUPER EFFORT! To that end, which is quite bright since it's on the other side of a tunnel in the Venus landscape, I spent three days working on this one, taking a daring gamble that college would be merciful and allow me the time I needed to do this!

THAT GAMBLE HAS PAID OFF HANDSOMELY. LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS! AND HOW SEXY, TOO! I wanna poke the gamble. ;_; It smells like Comodo!

And as such, traditions must come! Even though some have been broken. Still, Sunny Bono—I mean, Sun Wukong—makes his return. But I haven't heard from the real Sun Wukong since forever. One day he stood out on the porch, and went "NINJA VARNISH!" and with a fart, he was gone. ;_;

And anyway, the tradition borken (yes, borken. Bork bork bork) here is that this comic doesn't deal with clerics or their healing flights of vanilla fancy. This one is about meetings and angsty people in meeting rooms! It's like Twelve Angry Men, except with Six Angry Guildmates instead! Half the serving size with ten times the destructive power!
Also, I wish to point out something! THIS IS KINDA SORTA MAYBE THE FIRST TIME IN RAGNAROK WISDOM HISTORY THAT YOU CAN SEE GUT FUNK'S STOP SIGN WITH CLARITY. Well ... almost. The speech balloon is filled with evil! But you can still see Gut Funk's qotz.

Speaking of that, if you find this comic to be a gut buster (HAR HAR HAR), be sure to devote some meat to Sniff. A lot of his suggestions helped to fill out this comic and turn it from a level 1/1 novice into a level 99/50 maginator.
... You know, it just dawned on me. Sniff ... Sun Wukong ... Talien. And to a lesser extent ... Krotoan and Saint Damien. All the same haircut. You couldn't tell them apart if they were doing a naked line dance!

(Talien is SO gonna kill me for that remark!)

I mean, Nth and me might have the same haircut, but he has the ponytail. I don't. He can do the WHIPLASH WITH HAIR THING. And kill people with his hair.

So, anyway! Two years of Ragnarok Wisdom, and I ain't done yet! I have a real strong feeling that RW will keep going even after RO itself dies. (And that may be soon, what with Gravity KR focusing on R.O.S.E now. ;_; )


Comic #149

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