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Alrighty... Despite the comic's date saying 10 / 17 / 04, this comic was actually done in September (the 28th, specifically) for a comic contest that iRO was having.
As you can probably see ... I went all out with this. I mean, all-freakin'-out. This comic took LONGER than the second year anniversary I did, because not only was I getting more in depth with the colors, but I was also anti-aliasing lines by hand.
In MS Paint.
Doing all that, spending a day or two without sleep while fighting off college assignments and projects. A real challenge.
I sent this off the moment I finished it, a day before the deadline of the contest ... but the day after the deadline, I realized that I had made a rather fatal screw-up. Y'see, though I had read the rules carefully, I uh ... somehow managed to misread one of the rules concerning the size of the comic every time I read it. Yeah. I had read the thing several times over carefully and still misread one of the rules. I don't know how I pulled THAT off, but I did.
See, the comic itself was supposed to be no bigger than a certain dimension. Off the top of my head I think the limit was anywhere in between 500 to 1000 pixels ... and I managed to mistake that as saying the comic's panels were supposed to be no smaller than 500x500 and no bigger than 1000x1000. So I wound up doing this huge-ass comic you see here. You can imagine how I felt when I realized I misread the rules after making sure I didn't screw something up the sixth time; this comic is 500x2300, 1300 pixels over the limit. I'm certain that they outright disqualified me for that (and I tried to send a revision in, but since I caught my error a day after the deadline, they probably just deleted all incoming entries that were marked past the date). Don't get me wrong though! I'm not whining over my losing or thinking that I should have won! I'm pissed with myself over the whole misreading the rules and screwing myself over. Y'know, the whole deal of trying to do your best, but a fairly simple mistake blows it for you. Spending all that time working on the entry, only to have my stupidity ensure that it was completely irrelevant; that's what's getting me here. Anyway, even if I didn't screw myself over, I wouldn't have won anyway! The entries that did win were really good, and really funny. Way funnier and better looking than mine, I say.

Comic #153

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