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So Sniff tells me on the 15th of November, "It's my day of flexing!" I cry because I could not make an RW for him. I cry tears of flame. Which burns my hands, dammit.

College has made it hard to do any holiday or birthday or iRO/kRO/letterRO event related comics. So I told him I'd make his present on the following weekend.

Even though it took me right up until midnight tonight (due to things ... like college ... and college ... and homework ... and the computer literally exploding like Chernobyl in a Rice Krispees box ... okay that may be an exaggeration), I still got it done.

Sniff loved it!

Whaddya know, too! His prediction back in the two years anniversary comic is coming true. Sexy AND flexing are increasing by triple exponential values! I mean, he flexes three, four times in this comic alone!

Gee ... when WAS the first time he was featured flexing in an RW? ... One year ago, almost! For the second Thanksgiving comic!

Oh wow, Thanksgiving is next week too ... THE NEVER ENDING RWING IT IS!

Therefore I will call this the "Anniversary of the Flex." Even though Sniff was flexing for a lot longer than his first flex in RW. He probably flexed the second he was born.

Oh yeah, uh ... this whole thing with the "Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world" ... I THINK Sniff got that from Dumb and Dumber. I don't know, I never watched that movie. Though I do know he is prone to scream "AAAAAA

At times ... which he has featured here before in one of his guest comics, called the "Tuna Shepherd's Requiem."

I guess that's like a dying lament of a dude who watches over female mages.

... can't ... remove ... from head ... file ... still .. found &*@^*&!

wetware crash


Now then, where was I? Oh yeah. Did I mention them Kappa bastages are evil? Especially in groups.

... Maybe not as evil as Shinobi, but still pretty darned evil. Evil enough to be proficient at making ... evil tea.


Comic #158

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