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Boy, it's great to be back in iRO for a while! Seems like every time I stay out of the loop for a month or three, iRO gets massive updateage.

Heck, those two cities Lou Yang and Ahamr.. ahrmama... harrrrrr ... THAT ONE CITY. Yes, you people know what I'm talking about!

Give me a few weeks after it comes in. I'll figure out its spelling.

Anyways ... one of the cities is the Dragon Castle, I think. I remember kRO announcing it around May last year (that still sounds so weird to say right now ...).

You guys remember when iRO was years behind all the other official servers? And now they're like updating monkeys on crack. Heck, we even got a new regular server!

But I tell you guys one thing. If iRO ever gets that specialized "Free PK server" that actually gives bonuses to killing people and staying alive, I am sooo staying away from that. I bet that server'll wind up like Graal did.

Graal gave me nightmares. ;_;

What's that free PK server called, anyway? Urdu? That's gotta be named after a Ragnarok graphic novel dude/tte. I wonder who, though?

Skurai/Sakray would have been a more fitting name for the server I think. I mean, what better character to name it after than a crased pyscho who's killed entire towns?

Though it's not really something to gripe over; I mean, they probably thought of the idea after they used Skruai as the name for the test server types ... Unless this Urdu fellow is even MORE of a bloodletter than Skurai is. And that's a scary thought.

I mean, Skurai (spoiler)ed a (spoiler)y (spoiler) in two from (spoiler)s away in Volume (spoiler)!
... And dammit, I wanna read the latest volumes. I heard the graphic novels are up to Volume 20 now in South Korea, but Tokypop's only translated up to volume 11 (or is it 12? I'd have to check my book collection ...).

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