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Today, Ragnarok Wisdom takes place on the beach! Does anyone feel like going on a trip to butter Hawaii? GET IN THE CAR, KIDS! WE'RE GONNA SPRAY BENECOL ALL OVER MAUI! Krotoan can swim in it and go "my name is richard starkey of the seven spreads"! It will be grand!

You know, I want to do that in RO sometime. If they ever get a butter-like item ... go to the Comodo maps and yell "excuse me while I butter hawaii" and then drop tons of it everywhere while running from the angry, goofy-looking baby seals.

Man, those seals are weird as heck. Y'know what I mean? They have a perpetual 8B-type emoticon on their face and they spin in circles, chasing you as they go "ARF ARF 8B"

You can be around level 65 and you'll still be going "AAAAAAHHH GET THE FREAKY MARINE LIFE AWAY FROM ME" and run in circles flapping your arms like a madman.

Even if you're a burrito or a fish—er, ahem, I mean ... mage, you still have to be careful. What's to say one of them won't sneak up behind you and go "ARF 8B" and suddenly HALF YOUR BODY HAS TURNED INTO RADIOACTIVE FLUFF?!

Check out Sniff in this panel. He's turning into his own style of maginator. ... Or maybe he's just copying them wacky Dragonball Z characters. MY STR LEVEL IS TEN THOUSAND TIMES THE AMOUNT OF YOURS!

And now I feel inspired to mimic an AC/DC song.

I'm S.T.R!

I'm dy-no-MITE!

S.T.R, and I'm ready to fight!

S.T.R—I'm in sexy mode ...


Which is actually a good description of what Sniff does when he feels sexy and gets flexy. Oh, and Saint Damien and Talien are not brothers, despite the uncanny resemblance. That happens a lot in RO.

Comic #174

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