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Whew ... I feel like I got beaten with a sack full of flour.

At any rate!

The idea behind this comic was presented to me by Sniff; we talked about it over some manlattes and eventually got this!

So, if you loved this comic, be sure you prop up Sniff, because it wouldn't've existed without him.

Prop him high enough so that he reaches the moon! Don't worry about whether or not he can survive in space—it may not look like it, but Sniff's swordsman clothing allows him to survive in the most hostile of places!

He makes Superman jealous.

In fact, Superman got so jealous that he turned green with envy and kryptonite, which killed him.

Now you know the REAL story behind the Death and Return of Superman!

I mean, seriously. Whomever returns to moon first with the intent of building a moonbase should have Sniff do it for them. Whether it be NASA, the ESA, China, or Japan (Don't they call their space agency JAXA? I forget ...).

Just launch Sniff out of Spaceship One/White Knight, and his powerflexing will guide him onto the surface of the moon!

With his buildingflexes, he can shape the moon's dust into whatever he desires!

Why, he could probably fashion an entire city of moon glass just by flexing.

The space exploration community has no idea what potential Sniff has!

Of course, you could just do as you see here, and send Lenz and Nth Power up.

But they probably wouldn't be as useful to the mission.

But they'd cause a lot of pretty chaos! I just fear for the future of the moon.


You know, that's something I never really considered.

How can Starcraft Firebats shoot flames in space? Napalm, maybe? I dunno. But that's an interesting question fo think about!

Comic #180

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