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... Heh, it figures. Last time I—

Hey! Wait! What's that? *points, BLACK PECORIDERS RIDE BY*

You heard me say nothing!

Well, nothing except, "YOU GOT FORE'D!"

Anyway, interesting tidbit I've heard from Trist, who plays on Sakray now: apparently Thieves CAN wield mace-type weapons, but their aspd is really slow. The same is true of knuckles for priests. I forgot who can equip the Iron Driver. I admit it. I have a funny feeling that it's Priests only, but I went ahead and used all cleric-types.

—and if you say one word about it, YOU GET TO CHEW ON MY 'STAR!

Other noteworthy thing: AFTER 62 COMICS, SUZURAN FINALLY REAPPEARS IN AN RW. I have no idea why I haven't used him (yes, him! That is a him you are seeing! Do not be fooled by the boobs!) for so long.

Trivia! It took me 3 hours to draw/color that one instance of Suzuran alone.

... Yeah, I need a tablet. Big time.

More trivia! Did you know the onom ... onomotoa ... that—word-that-I-can't—spell-which-means—words-representing—sounds "thwik" comes from the Ragnarok manhwa, as translated by Tokyopop?

Comic #188

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