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Whew! I'm starting to get the hang of wordpading site updates, but I still need to get back to getting my web authoring proggie back online. @@; I'm not used to writing HTML without seeing what it looks like in real-time!

Anyway ... I really do wish I'd saved more of the stuff I'd seen way back in 2002-2003 concerning Gravity's roadmap for Ragnarok Online. I remember seeing screenshots of the Alchemist's abilities back when ... I can't remember. It was at the Prontera Parish, and I want to say that 2-1 classes had either just recently become available or they were still waiting in the wings ... Well, whatever the case, Alchemists had some pretty awesome skills lined up at the time, not to mention real-time changes in the time of day for the game world (with appropriate lighting/fog changes). The Homunculi were massive 3D polygonal creatures rather than sprites, kind of like WoE Guardians. A lot like Skrymir in this scan from the Ragnarok graphic novel!

Speaking of that, the default female alchemist in RO was actually given a name in the graphic novels! Her name's Fay Kanavion. She's a fairy cannon! She has two big guns—er ... I'll shut up now. :D;;;

Instead, we'll talk about that Vanilmirth. IT'S PUDDING MADE OF SCIENCE.

Comic #191

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