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I just noticed! The previous comic was done on the 12th of July, and this one is on the 21st! The numbers did a docey-do!

... Wait, did I just say July? Wow, I'm really thinking ahead here. Might as well be July, though. Feels like the end of summer already to me.

At any rate, I'd like to take this time to say ...


One of my buddies, Veldurn (who's in Iraq right now ... hope you get home safe, man!) took that picture. It's ... completely authentic. >_> <_< Really! :D

Would I lie to you guys? *black pecopeco riders run by*

AND THE PILLOW GETS TELEFRAGGED! THE LAKERS WIN THE GAME! This game was brought to you by Willy Wonka and Associates.

Check it out. See that surfer in the background, riding the wave of napalmy cornmeal? (Yes, that's cornmeal!) That's Emeril Legas ... Vegas ... Lugume ... Lotsofgas ... WHATEVER HIS LAST NAME IS. The whole "rox pie" thing is part of the machinations of another buddy of mine, Es/Esdemo1/The Great Esbo. If you ever meet him, ask him about "Ermila" sometime. BUG HIM ABOUT MARGOT HILL, TOO, WHILE YOU'RE AT IT! He needs to make that series a reality!

Comic #192

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