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Here's a thought exercise for you people!

Think of all the foul-mannered idiots on Ragnarok Online (or any MMO, really) and their poor communication skills. How long do you think they could survive in the workplace doing and acting the exact same way?

Probably not for very long; they'd be laughed off the job if they started off things about "n00bs" and "jamming" and "lol."

To say nothing of actually doing things that count as bad behavior. And there's CERTAIN people out there I've ... had the displeasure of meeting who think they have every right to. I'd say "they should be ashamed of themselves" but we all know they never will be!

I have a solution for that problem, though! Have online games come with a cattleprod. You strap yourself into the computer chair (and can't play otherwise) and whenever you act like an ass, the cattleprod fires. That'd stop lamerism REAL quick!

Five five five. *BZZZRRT* OW!

Comic #20

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