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Mark makes his debut appearance in—Er ... oh wait. NOT his debut. He's debuted far too many times by this point for it to really be his debut. ... Rebut, perhaps? Rebutt! Like Reboot, but with bu—nevermind.

Okay, okay! I admit it! I've been on a River City Ransom fix for the past few days. Which means that to me, right now, this AIM buddy icon at the River City Ransom EX site is one of the funniest I've ever seen.

It's true, though! Orcs CAN'T handle Mark Van Exel's barf. It's explosively magical and is about as dangerous as acid mixed with liquid nitrogen! Nth Power likes making MVE puke regularly just to maintain a large supply of the stuff.

You will never want to buy potions from Nth Power ever again. That is, if his New Year's resolution from a while back didn't already nauseate you!

I'm not gonna tell you what happened here. It's for your own good! Or ... perhaps not. Sometimes implications can be stronger! Such as the implication that there are no subliminal messages in today's rembling column.
oh yes there are, hahauifgiwgfig287




See you next week! Hopefully.

Comic #219

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