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This one might be a bit of an injoke known only to the crusty Open Beta-1 crowd.
I AM A GRUMPY OLDBIE!! SHALL I TOSS BOMBS AT YOU?! (Now THAT is an injoke only one or two other people are going to get!)

Anyway, Back duing the Open Beta-1 Period (which would be Janurary~June-Julyish of 2002), iRO had an influx of people from Thailand. A few of these Thais were complete and total lamers; they'd barge in on other people's fights without a thought, robbing them of much-needed EXP, and loot everybody in sight, all while laughing and cussing out people in their native language.

This was before Gravity made any attempt at policing player behavior.

Then some of the smartass lamers who WEREN'T Thai had to go and spread the flames by impersonating them! Wasn't good for the rest of the Thai population for sure, because everyone started seeing all of them as jerks.

Well, ever since the Closed Betas (from December and onward), Thais have been IP blocked from iRO, now that they've got their own server. Yet for those of us who remember Open Beta-1, well... we're never going to forget. 555.

Comic #22

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