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My spring break is this week! I get a reprieve!. So I'm taking this time to get a month of RO in—maybe more, if I find that I have college under my thumb. I seriously need a reprieve from it all. And ... well, it's been a year since I was around last time, so my reappearance is well overdue!
I've been rediscovering old games I used to play well before getting into RO. I probably have never said a single word about it before, but among my favorite game series (alongside Deus Ex and F-Zero) is the Metaltech series. That's Earthsiege 1/2, Starsiege and SS:2845 for all you initiates! The mecha you see here is a HERCULEAN (Herc), an Apocalypse Mk. 5 from Starsiege. Took me four hours to draw and color this thing, but it's my favorite Herc of the series (it appears in all three games!). I colored it based on the CoRM skin I made—look for the CoRM insignia. I've been trying to get the group into Metaltech, and with Starsiege: 2845 rounding the corner, I just might get the chance!

Comic #234

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