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I bet you guys weren't expecting this for such a date, were ya? Seems like all the other webcomic guys are doing stuff about "SATAN HAVING AN ICE CREAM LUNCHEON WITH YOUR SOUL KOALALALA." For me, it's just further incentive to do things differently!

Fun fact! It is true that Nero's name was codified into 666, or is at least codifiable (if you use the alternate spelling of Neron). The Roman Catholic church supports this idea—and it's one of many things that, in my opinion, points to the Book of Revelations being, to a degree, a prophecy forseeing the Roman Empire's downfall. Seven hills of Rome? Or how about the "Battle of Armageddon" ... when Roman armies gathered there and sacked Jerusalem in AD 70? The book makes a lot of sense when put in that perspective, and I think of it as a partially fulfilled prophecy in that sense. All the more telling given there's a school of historians that believe the book was written sometime during Nero's reign or shortly after!

Oh, and since we're getting to this part—I offer you some RO-related trivia! The "fiddle" Nero's got is actually a Burning Passion Guitar, the fire-elemental musical instrument in RO.

Now, I know some of you are saying "You can't fiddle with a guitar!" Think about who's doing this. Nero, one of the mad Emperors of Rome. He's an emperor, and he's mad! He can do whatever he wants with a burning guitar!

Speaking of burning, here's some lingual trivia! Lunaris and Sniff are recreating Burning time in Italian. Sorta. Sniff is screaming "help" while Lunaris is either saying "I'm burning" or "I am burning myself." I don't know anyone who could verify the accuracy of my attempt at machine translated Italian.

Hmm. There seems to be another MS Paint-based denizen of the internet who's snuck into my comic. I wonder who that could be and why he is here?

Comic #250

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