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I am SO going to die for this one.

This comic is all about comparing the slogans of Merchant Guild, both their "official" motto used in the past, and the popular one used as of this comic.

If you guys play iRO and don't know what the Merchant Guild is, well ... I gotta ask, have you been living in the Payon Caves all this time?! Wait a sec ... no, because you'd still see Merchant Guilders there ...

Y'know what? If you don't know who Merchant Guild is, YOU DESERVE A MACE... IN THE FACE!! *SMASH*

Tee hee.

When the Merchant Guild crowd sees this, they might wind up being a little offended at what all this implies, but let it be known; this was never intended as a ill-meant flame. I mean, I defended these guys from RO-Worlders back when the iRO community saw them as the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition!

I merely intended this as an interesting observation!

... I'm hoping the Merchant Guild sees it that way, though!

Comic #27

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