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Okay, so! With my birthday coming up, there's another installment of the Legend of Key-Fu waiting in the wings. I've been having to spend 100% of my free time to get this thing done, and I am currently 60% done with it.

I have little free time left over for anything else, so keeping up with Ragnarok Wisdom poses a problem. After discussing it with friends I decided to let you guys see a preview of Key-Fu, as you see here!

At least I've given all of you an RWsy opening to kick things off!

Take heed to this sign, by the way—I found out that my Key-Fu comics are too wide to fit in the standard RW dimensions so I had to shrink it a little.

Hopefully the text is still readable, just remember the full version will be a lot easier to comprehend.

... Well, for certain values of "comprehension" anyway!

So you might be wondering, "What exactly is up with this sprite comic?" Or more likely, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS IT'S A CRAPPY SPRITE COMIC NOW" ... I can provide answers!

Calling this a sprite comic is a little bit of a misnomer ... A few friends of mine insist that Key-Fu has to be considered a collage because I use photos and sprites and heavily modified sprites, all in one massive parody of ... well, everything it uses.

Most of the scenes in this comic—like the outside view of the police station—have I'm pretty sure that I used up to six different games to create that scene. It's true, I don't mess around!

But hopefully you'll enjoy this preview of Key-Fu VI. Despite the fact it's a sprte collage comic and therefore I have very little original artwork in it, I still put a lot of work into each of them to make it what it is—and I'm hoping it's all fair use in the process!

By the way. Pumpkin spice lattes are excellent on cold overcast rainy days. Especially when they don't have any Corigan in them.

Comic #271

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