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Behold, ladies and gentlemen! Today, you are given a taste of Sniff's expert skills at opening presence with a broadsword! That's right, DEX is not a dump stat for Sniff! (Not like any swordsman could really afford to make DEX a dump stat ... I think?) Tristan and Sniff have been infecting the rest of CoRM with this ... well ... this flash thing in a guy's signature from PSO World. Now, I know eventually whoever this is will change their sig and/or PSO World will change its board system or something or other.

So I'll just say this for posterity: That signature has a little flash animation where, if you click it, the anime chick in the picture squeals out
"MI-PAAAA!!!" I have no idea where that's from, to tell the truth. I'm not sure Tristan or Sniff know, either. All I know is that it's seriously infected Sniff and especially Tristan. Tristan in particular has been helping spread this thing in his GUARDIANS card on Phantasy Star Universe. It warranted this comic, given that I know Tristan would do something like this. He'd track that girl down and turn her into a jack in the box of death. Poor Rudolph Ravioli! He got punched by John Madden and transformed into Madden himself! *ahem!* Happy birthday, Sniff! ... Well, er, whenever your exact birthday is. I forgot! (Again!)

Comic #276

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