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It's amazing how effective turkey is as a natural sleeping pill.

Seriously. I was wide awake after a fairly lengthy slumber this morning—after Thanksgiving dinner (around noon) I was fighting drowsiness to work on this RW.

It sucks. Note to self: Have thanksgiving dinner at NIGHT, if possible, not during the middle of the day.

I didn't even eat that much!

And several cups of coffee haven't put a dent in this drowsiness!

Anyway, despite getting this done half a day later than I was hoping it'd be, I'm done with it.

And I have enough time to finally reach the current level cap in Phantasy Star Universe to boot (level 50)!

And the usual RO stuffs.

... but man is it hard to ramble right now! My mind is like ... jellopy right now.

All easily gooed up by having to think too hard.

I blame the turkey on this, as well. Yargh.
At any rate, you should come across the big surprise right abouuuut ... now!

... Yes, I actually took the time to make those. No, I don't think they're faithful 8-bit sprites. I used too many colors (and if I had tried to make them more along the lines of what you'd see from an 8-bit sprite, you'd barely be able to distinguish one guy from the next!) ...
It should be obvious what I used as a base for these sprite edits ... the one game series that has been popularized by ol' Bob and George.
Seemed fitting, though.
I just couldn't imagine it in Final Fantasy style, or River City Ransom style.
But why the 8-Bit stuff anyway? Look at the comic number. 256. It just seemed too good not to do for this one-of-a-kind comic.
I don't think there's such a thing as a stun potion in RO, and there certainly isn't one that glows bright cyan. Or appears to.
As simplistic as these sprites are it actually took and hour or two to make them all!

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