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So! For posterity, here's the background on the event this comic is covering—the week that this comic took place in, iRO was holding a special event for the Chinese New Year.

As far as I know, today was the first day of the new year on the Chinese calendar.
Or it might have been yesterday. I'm not quite sure, actually.

Anyway! The event was similar to the one that iRO devised last year for St. Patrick's Day, with a few twists. First, Luck Dragons (special version of a dancing dragon-type mob ... I forget the correct name for it and I think it varies between official servers) spawned throughout select cities in the RO world. They weren't dumbed down like the St. Patty's Day snakes were. These were pretty much the real deal save for what they dropped.

They would drop, aside from sugary lucky treats, two different kinds of envelopes. One, when opened, would provide you with zeny. The other would give you base and job EXP. For a while I actually hunted these with Saint Damien and an RW fan (thanks Lady Fury!)—it got me to level 76, the first level I've reached in a while!

This was on top of a special 2x event spontaneously hosted by the iRO GMs, because Ragnarok Online was voted best MMORPG in an MMO gaming site's poll. Their encouraging people to vote probably had something to do with that, heh.

Anyway, these dragons are pretty tough—while I can handle an Isis with some effort these guys are more of a risk to take on, especially if you lack equipment suited for fighting them (This was demonstrated to me by comparing the damage between a +5 stunner and an earth-elemental +6 chain, yikes).

Believe it or not, this comic is based on a true story!

Saint Damien and I actually witnessed something like this happening while hunting the Luck Dragons—a female crusader was running laps around Alberta with a Luck Dragon biting her on the butt.

We were tempted to chase her around by the time she made her third/second lap, but after that she was gone.

She probably DIDN'T run into the giant swinging pick axes on the Tool Shop building, though.

Goes to show you something, nevertheless! Even female Crusaders, probably the most dressed (and armor clad) of all the feminine RO classes, have their weak points.

I have NO idea how Novvy wound up inside an experience envelope. Don't try to use it, you'll become one with the Novvyness! That probably wouldn't be a fun experience.

At all.

Comic #291

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