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Notice the ring stain? I'm a blue pot addict. I admit it! Graph paper and sketches. This definitely isn't a normal RW ... In fact, given the math-related humor and "sketches on a notepad" look behind this comic, I wonder if I'm trampling on Randall Monroe's garden ...
Of course, he's a man of mathematics. His comics are grounded in math that works. This comic ... isn't. The third panel isn't really even math, it's an adaption of a pseudomath formula that players constructed to map out the workings of a system in the MMORPG "A Tale in the Desert." The fourth panel ... well, I took some horrific-looking non-unitary Fourier transforms ... I don't know if you can actually do that with them, but for the purpose of sheer horror value, it works.
The other thing I should point out: This is mapping the general course of gameplay systems within a video game. I'm not talking about the code that goes into graphics or physics; just the kind of math that goes into calculating how much brain damage you dealt when you smashed a wrench into that goblin's head.
The Roguelike genre already required high level math for its time. The irony is that this comic idea came to me after spending too much time trying to do calculations for the script of a longer comic I had in mind.

Comic #316

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