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Finally! Those last two comics were but lead-ups to this ... well, in the sense that each time I ran out of time for this comic, the one taking its place invariably stemmed from the theme of this one. In short, I've been on an Acid Bomb trip.

All punny business aside, I'm glad I could finally get to finish this comic. It's inspired by an idea pitched to me by an RW fan who's known on iRO Chaos as Rastaban. When he told me I should do something with acid bombs, I don't think he was expecting this!

Or maybe he's manipulating me with a tin foil mind control raygun and this is what he really wanted me to do!

Understanding the workings behind Acid Bomb took a bit of research and consulting of people in the RW community who've played Biochemists to know what kind of equipment/stats such a bomb-happy madman would have. Then it was a matter of finding out the VIT of our victims here—and it's mostly a rough estimate. Fun fact! screenChaos294's second panel involved the formula for this very skill. "A fair bit of algebra involved" indeed!

Where'd Lun get that bag of popcorn? It was hiding in his inventory! I think he was probably trying to equip it to protect against the acid bomb. But, like goggles, they do nothing!

Comic #318

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