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So! Ragnarok Online makes online game history by having an Alpha, two Open Betas, two Closed Betas, then another Open Beta! What would be the Gamma phase?

It would be funnier if it weren't so nail-biting. Ugh. Like most of the other vets of the Closed Betas, I'm not too happy about the Closed Beta going ... well, Open again.

Sure, it's free, and sure, friends of mine who couldn't play in the Closed Betas for varied reasons can now have a chance to be a part of it again--but I have a big feeling that things are going to suck even with these good points.

The reason I say that is because unless Gravity's got a crack GM team to police the Open Beta--which I suspect they won't, because they practically ignored iRO during its previous Open Beta phases--I fear that this comic isn't going to be far from the truth.

Or worse, it'll be an understatement.

Randomly, you guys know how I use The GIMP to do stuff like the blurring of the backgrounds and the golden rays of light coming down as GOD-Poing makes her announcement here? It was playing some seriously annoying games with me this time around!

Every time I'd be just about done with a certain panel, GIMP would crash and I'd have to do it all over again!

It's kind of like a Sisyphusean task, like you're rolling a digital rock up a hill and POOF! There it goes, down the hill! GIMP's got a sadistic sense of humor, I tells ya.

Well, at least Neko-San's finally back in the comics now! Not exactly the best of times to make a reappearance, but hey.

Comic #32

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