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Well, last week was quite a lesson in frustration. If you're a new reader that's just tuning in, I try to do a Halloween special each year. This year marks the first year without a proper one because not only did my computer temporarily die at that time, but a porn cybersquatter briefly hijacked my domain name. It took all night to address both issues, especially since the first one prevented me from knowing or doing anything about the second for a while. To everyone that alerted me through my blog, my deviantART gallery, e-mail and the RW Forums—thanks for letting me know!

I don't quite know if the polymorph skill can actually summon boss monsters or not, or if it was changed and it could before—but Skeggiolds are infamous for their death machine status, so I felt like it'd be a good bet to have the clicky pen bring them out. Anyway, according to people who're playing iRO right now (I still can't ... one thing after another's kept me from coming back!), this year's Halloween event involves the ability to summon a horde of monsters (Jakks and other mobs) into a city ... who are entirely passive. I also heard of people polymorphing some of them and causing a ruckus, which inspired this!

To be honest, the plausibility of polymorphing boss monsters stemmed from the summoning of boss monsters through dead branches. That's also something that, if it has been removed, I'm unaware of. I know about the Bloody Branch and its ability to summon MVPs, but as far as boss monsters ...
Yes, that's right. You're looking at Zombie Novvy. HE LIVES! HE HUNGERS! RUN, COWARDS! RUN!

Comic #328

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