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Those wily scammers will do anything they can to get your zeny!

All those freaking gimmicks and tricks to lure people into getting scammed out of their money and items ...

Though in this case, this is more of a goofy scenario.

For the record, that knife Lenz picked up isn't in Ragnarok Online as of this comic, but it will exist later on.

It's called an Azoth; I got the picture from RagnaMART; their site's got a bunch of items, equipment, and other stuff that's slated to appear in coming updates.

Props to them for helping with this comic in that manner!

I have to admit, though, that Azoth looks WEIRD. I wonder if it really would work as an effective knife? Well ... That's what magic is all about, I suppose! Screw the rules of reality! If you want a pink and blue dagger that works better than a combat knife and will turn people into Bill Cosby's favorite snack, it's your right!

As for Nth's comments here in the final panel, it's a reference to an IAQ series that he's written.

See, IAQ meaning "Infrequently Asked Questions," as it's a FAQ or walkthrough of a fictional game. You can think of it as being like another way to tell a story, as if it were a video game—and Nth Power writes a lot of IAQs as a hobby. He's also really good at it—you should see him when he gets serious at writing one.

He'll even plan out game mechanics!

Anyway, the particular IAQ series being referenced here is called "Dead Horse V." It's a great parody of the Megaman X series! I suggest you check it out!

Do it!

Do it for Nth Power!

Do it now!

Or else he'll poke you with the clicky pen!

This comic is also in memory of the 3D clicky pen I made that I overwrote while working on another project. T_T

clicky pen ;_;

Comic #34

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