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Well, as of this update I did get my computer's replacement parts and am in the process of setting everything back up, but I still don't have internet access on my computer, and I had a bit of a problem with my backup USB drive nearly breaking down. Anyway!

It's been a while since I visited Juno's basement. I think the first time I went down there was a few years ago with Zelse and one of his buddies, and it was Zelse who discovered that the area was named "Power Plant Heart of Ymir." That was one of the first times in RO that I had seen Gravity not only try to connect the game with its given background storyline, but also with the Ragnarok novels the MMORPG is based on.
See, in the graphic novels, a shard of the Heart of Ymir is implied—strongly implied— to be in the possession of the Republic of Schwarzwald at the city of Juno. That part of the series is where we start to see the master plan of Freya unfold, who had wrested control of Asgard from Odin despite (implied) resistance from the other gods (like Balder, Frigg, and the Norns).

As of this writing I think it's been four years since I saw that shard of Ymir's heart in Juno's basement. Since then, a second heart shard's turned up as part of an Einbroch quest, and I bet there's probably a few more—or at least some quests relevant to Juno's heart— since I last went exploring. By the way, the quest involving Einbroch's heart is pretty interesting. If you guys haven't done it, you oughta give it a shot.

I wonder who painted these concept artwork pictures of the various cities ...

Comic #342

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