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I haven't actually heard too much about it this time around, but this was apparently the Chinese New Year's event for iRO. At the time/as of this comic, I'm not paid up for the obvious reason that those cursed computer ducks would not stay in a row. Mother is the necessity of invention, though, and I don't have a lot of screws to time around! ... wait a minute.

If I were born during the Year of the Rat, I'd feel a little awkward about celebrating it by cleaning out a mice infestation in my city's sewers. Then again, I was born during a Year of the Pig. Does that make me bacon? This is kinda a "heeey remember this one time when we were all drunk" moment. Actually, Nth Power wasn't drunk at the time that he blew up the Prontera Culverts. I think. He might have had some way-past-its-expiration-date pink lemonade, though.


Okay! Some time passed after I first uploaded the original version of this comic. It is now February 24th as I write this. After I'd finished with it, I was discussing this comic with Sniff and how to give it a proper treatment. Sniff put on his doctor robes and promptly set a thermometer on fire with which he then dueled me. Needless to say, I lost—but out of that epic battle, Sniff came up with this idea.

I was worried with how Ifrit's text would appear. Given that it's black and red, I thought that the JPG compression I typically use for comics would turn it into a blurry barely legible mess. It looked alrtight enough in the final product, though! A little blurry, but a little color bleeding in the bubbles is a better fate than poor Nth's rectum.

Comic #348

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